Roofing & Guttering

If you are looking to employ the services of a professional, local business that can attend to your Roofing and Guttering needs, then you’re in safe hands with us, Affordable Construction. Our tradesmen have years of experience working to high specification both in the residential and commercial environment all over Sussex.

The roof is by far one of the most expensive parts of the home to repair, well for general maintenance anyway! If you don’t feel confident about climbing a ladder to perform a visual inspection, be sure to hire a trustworthy property repairs company like us to do the job for you.

One of the best indicators of a deteriorating roofing structure is curling and separating shingles or the more obvious, tiles on the floor! Large amounts of grit, cement and asphalt granules in the gutters are also signs of a roof that may be due for repair. If you find waves and/ or dips in your fascia this can be a sign of rotten wood at its early stages.

Loose shingles should be replaced or secured. Flashing seals should also be inspected to ensure that water cannot seep beneath the asphalt tiles. If this barrier is weak, the sealant used to make it watertight will need a re-application.

If you find yourself suffering from an excessive heating bill in the winter months, you may require additional insulation in your loft. If you are not confident in performing these repairs and maintenance jobs on your own, remember that we are here to help you make your home as pleasant a place to live as possible. If you are going to add or replace loft insulation the always wear a dust mask.

Tasteful landscaping can add up to 20 percent more value to your home, but it also serves the purpose of providing any drainage to your property. To prevent water from penetrating the foundation of your home, landscaping should be designed to facilitate the easy drainage of water away from your property. All your gutters should be kept clean. The underside of your eaves (soffits) and the material that caps the gutters (the fascia) should be appear healthy with no sagging or signs of rottenness. These components of your roof will require attention at least once a year, if not more. The easier it is for water to flow off your roof and away from your home, the better your chances of reducing any damage to your property.

Do you have boxed planters located against your foundation? While these features add a pop of colour and curb appeal, they inhibit the drainage of water and force it to go directly into your foundation.

The next time there is a heavy rain, visually inspect your garden and driveway. Does the water pool in certain places in your property? Does it roll toward your foundation and wait to be absorbed? If you notice either of these problems, contact a professional property repair service to take a look. If you delay, you could find yourself paying costly waterproofing fees to rectify a moisture problem.

If you have split paths or cracks in your driveway, get them filled. These cracks can lead to oversaturation of your garden, preventing adequate drainage and promoting soil erosion.

General Garden Maintenance

We offer bespoke garden services:

  • Landscaping
  • Grass cutting
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Weeding and planting
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Other garden services

We are more than happy to chat about any of the services you have seen on our website or meet with you in person if you have a new project in mind which requires professional advice.

Whether it’s a small job or a larger installation you have, we are more than confident we can HELP you.

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